Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stump the Simplist

So BHodges called at 8:15am today to try and "Stump the Simplist". "What can I do with all these old medical texts that even the bookstore doesn't want?" Hmmm, that is a stumper for sure. I suggested eBay, but even that seems a dubious effort at best. I headed to Google for a little research, and the ideas there were equally as lame. "Make bath toys by cutting pictures out of a magazine and covering them with contact paper, leaving a one-half inch lip around each piece to allow it to seal. When these pieces get wet, they will stick to the bathroom tile." (That's probably not a good idea with medical texts...but with some of the less graphic pictures I'm guessing a flashcard type of game for his young daughter might not be too difficult to make. Nose, Ear, Eye... never too young to start Pre-Med School. But when all else fails, I find the "drop and run" at the library gets the book out of my hands and into the hands of a trained professional. (I'm guessing librarians hate this.)

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Brian said...

I actually managed to find a local thrift store that would take all the books. Or more accurately, a thrift store with just a large drop area without an employee saying "yes to this, no to that." I think you'd actually like this place. It's called Bryn Athyn Thrift shop, or simply BATS