Saturday, May 13, 2006

M is for the Many Things...

In case you haven't watched television advertising for the past month, today is Mother's Day. It seems this year more than others every product or service is adapting themselves to hit that "Buy or you don't love your Momma" nerve. Cell Phones? Check. Outback Steakhouse? Check. So in the spirit of anti-consumerism, I take this space today to relay the things that my mothers gave to me without using their pockies, but the goodness of their hearts.

To my mother, first and foremost for my creativity. Maybe it was the fabric cabinet that my mother kept in the laundry room, with scraps from every dress or curtain she made that sparked a desire to sew and craft and save even the smallest scrap because you never knew what you will need it for. Or maybe it was the never-ending home renovation projects to never stop dreaming. Or maybe it was because she was a stay at home mom (Just kidding!) But let's not forget the drive to never quit and to finish (eventually!) everything you start.

To my Worcester Grammy for keeping the "Use it Up, Wear it Out, or Do with Out" mentality alive. From the magic button tin, to the appliances kept working from the late '50s, to realizing that every life needs a touchstone to come home to especially when life gets hectic.

To my Florida Grammy, for my love of nature and taking care of things that grow for the sheer beauty of it. I still remember your snapdragons, your pansies and your tiger lilies.

Thank you all for these invaluable lessons you have taught me have made me who I am today.

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