Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Doc Review: Go Further (2004)

With almost 300 movies in my Netflix queue, it takes awhile to get to some of them...with that said...Go Further is the documentary of actor/activist Woody Harrelson's journey by bike and biodiesel-fueled bus from Seattle to Santa Barbara, CA following the Pacific Coast Highway (and the path of the 1960's Merry Pranksters), stopping along the way to educate college students and ordinary citizens about the state of a planet in crises. The doc was a little light on actual information, (other than the repeated fact that milk contains blood and pus, yum!) but it was interesting to watch Steve, a young production assistant that Woody plucked from his stint on Will & Grace along for the ride, but who still sneaks candy bars. But he's trying and seems smitten by Woody's lifestyle of raw food, yoga and natural fibers. Also interesting was Linda (the college student that Steve "kidnaps") as a wide-eyed easily influenced, but willing participant. Overall, it was a little flimsy—no one topic was covered comprehensibly (and how did they get those three teens on crystal meth to sign releases?) but Woody is true to his convictions and it's nice to see an actor walking the walk. "Make small transformations within all of us, then ... go further."

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