Thursday, November 18, 2010

The wonder drug… (that’s not even a drug.)

I may be feeling a little cocky, but I have to declare, that I do believe I have found the magic elixir that will prevent you from getting the flu, getting the common cold, the magic pill that keeps you in fine fettle and out of the doctor’s office. What could it be and how could I make such a bold statement? It’s none other than acidophilus, bacteria’s goody two-shoes cousin. And after the last 2 months of driving 3,500 miles cross country, interspersed with several weeks of highly stressful 90-hour work weeks, capped off with a round trip plane flight, I have put acidophilus to the test and come out without a trace of the sniffles, fever or chills. If I can survive this test of germs, stress, (not to mention that many changes of water quality) with just one simple capsule, imagine how well it could work for those working a governmentally approved 40-hour work week and not crossing time zones every few days?

*Of course every body is different and we are all responsible for our own well-being. Its not to say that you no longer have to monitor your own health and ultimately I am in charge of keeping myself healthy and taking care of myself if I do get sick.