Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bike to Work Week! pt. 2

Work biked to? Check. Fortunately it's not called "Bike Home From Work Week" because there's probably not a chance in hell I'm getting out before midnight tonight. Thank heavens for co-workers that are also neighbors. The ride was slightly dicey, but I'm glad I took the longer way around the mountain (instead of trying to find where the squiggly lines that went up and over the mtn were). Turned out to be under a 10 mile ride, took me probably less than an hour door to door. Definitely going to schedule another ride next week when the hours are less chaotic.

To answer the comment, where can you ride in LA without endangering your life with traffic? There are actually hundreds of miles of bike lanes and paths that I have never felt uncomfortable riding on. But, Los Feliz Blvd at 8 am on a work day... that's another story. The condition of the roads in Hollywood? I'm lucky I didn't lose a tire. The air quality riding up a hill that comes off a freeway off ramp? I'll be sneezing particulates for the rest of the day. Now that I know a quick way, I can tweak the route so that it's less stressful.

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