Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reading List: More Good News (by David Suzuki & Holly Dressel)

I have to say, this book made me feel a little better about this world we live in... when I first began writing The Simplicity Connection 11 years ago, I was originally going to call it Who Gives a Damn because it was a period of time when it seemed no on cared about the environment or helping others. Now, a quick stroll through Twitter or popping the word “eco-conscious” into Google Search and you get a feeling that everyone and their brother has jumped on the eco-band wagon. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a very very long way to go, but I believe the country is poised to make so definitive changes to its environmental policy. Case in point, Suzuki’s book… (the revised and updated version his book Good News for a Change) they provide inspiring stories about how ordinary business people are changing the way they do business to become more sustainable and still be profitable. Amazing stories of a sustainable forestry company (Collins Pine), how micro-loans are changing entire economies of 3rd world countries $50 at a time (The Grameen Foundation) and an inner city food co-op that is not only keeping it’s constituents fed, but teaching them the benefits of organic farming and management of waste and energy usage (Growing Power). The future may be bleak if you only listen to the popular media outlets...instead when you learn to read deeper to find the hidden heroes, you find the hope.