Friday, May 12, 2006

Daily 'Strange but True'

On NPR this morning I heard this disturbing fact: hard to believe that a 20 lb wind blower can create as much air pollution as a 1.5 ton car, but that's because it doesn't. Leaf blowers actually create as much pollution as EIGHTY cars. (and even that is a conservative estimate). Does this disturb anyone else? Or is it just me who lives in a world where everyone's yard is manicured by a Latino with a gas powered jet pack? Buy a freakin' rake, people.

In other news, POTUS approval rating: 29%. We're getting down to Truman in the Korean War, or even better, Watergate levels here. How low can he go?

1 comment:

Brian said...

"Buy a freakin' rake, people."

I echo that. Leaf blowers baffle me. Then again, I grew up with a five acre yard surrounded by woods on all sides and every spring, me, my sister, my father and my mother spent the better part of a month raking up leaves and sticks. This was right in the heat of black fly season up in maine, so we were dressed in long pants and shirts with gloves and bug nets, sweating our a--es off. Did it suck? Sure. Am I glad my Dad made us do it. You bet. Get some excercise people! It's good for you.