Monday, May 22, 2006

Simplicity & Sleep Deprivation

So I have one of those freelance jobs where I spend the first 3 weeks doing nothing but personal business with the intention of making myself look busy, but being on call for any actual work that comes up. The 4th week is when everything kicks into gear, one of those weeks when it feels like it should be Friday and it's Tuesday at 10 am. Last week had the distinction of being the first time in my illustrious career that I worked a 40 hour shift. Wasn't expecting that, so I would have probably prepared better. Water is key hydration to the double shift, and only water. I'm still working out some of the dehydration from that, 4 days later. Second recommendation is to get your affairs in order. Look ahead on your calendar, cross everything you can off your to do list and settle in so that you can focus only on the job in front of you. And vacuum before the week starts, cuz nobody wants you running the vac at midnight.

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