Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little R n' R

So the blogger is off galavanting across the country for a few weeks this summer—probably not the most cost effective move when gas is averaging over $4 a gallon, but sometimes you just can't let life stop you from livin'. So I am off first for my first trip to the Pacific Northwest: San Fran, Portland and Seattle, then down to Utah and hopefully the midwest will dry out by the beginning of July so I can make my way across the plains to the east coast. I'll try to come up with some simplist observations while I'm on the road, but for now, please enjoy the musings of the Los Angeles Roaming Gnome instead. He's good comedy, and always seems to bring a smile to whomever he meets :)

Happy summer on and all, stay cool!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mid June updates!

So we’ve hit mid-June here in LA, and remarkably the weather has been fairly mild so far (hottest it’s gotten is about 90ยบ but it cools down at night so it’s bearable). Been managing to ride my bike everywhere lately since I’m working at Disney this week, a straight shot down Buena Vista. Gotta somehow make up for the fact that I’ve got about 7000 miles worth of gas to buy in the next two months on the great American road trip, during the worst possible time…ever. My drinkin’ and swearin’ challenge this month is going pretty well—I have not had a diet coke since May and I’ve only had 4 beers total in 16 days. Swearing, well that’s another matter entirely. I catch myself every so often and slap myself on the wrist, but sometimes it’s just the only way to express oneself when navigating southern California freeways. Still got half a month to make up for it though.

Also sad to be leaving town, just as all my crops started coming up. Here is the very first jumbo cherry tomato of the year…the mini-cucumbers are coming in but won’t reach maturity until I leave town. Here’s hoping the sprinklers keep them all hydrated until I get back!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

12 Resolutions June: Vice-free for 30 Days

So in preparation for my upcoming job at the end of June working in Provo, Utah where the producers have requested that while staying on the campus of Brigham Young University we refrain from swearing, drinking alcohol, and smoking, I’ve decided to issue my own personal challenge to see if I can give up a few of my own personal vices for the whole month. The smoking ban is of course the easiest one for me, as I’d rather do pretty much anything rather than smoke. The swearing and the drinking might be a little tougher (hey, I’m a WASP, what can I say?) I’ll throw in a ban on Diet Coke too to keep me right with the Mormons.