Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today in Training: Low and Slow

They say when you fall off the horse, it's best to get right back on so 2 days after the crash I'm back in the saddle. Fortunately my Citibike membership finally came through so I gave that a try today (with my brand new helmet of course). My theory was to have the Citibike so I could do my daily work commute and then swap out the pedals on my road bike so I could use it for my longer weekend rides. What a difference a bike makes! The Citibikes are BEASTS—heavy, the tires are about 2x as fat as my road bike and they have only 3 speeds. Let's not even get started on braking. (hint: plan ahead when you might want to be stopping. And don't expect to stop on that dime.) But I'm still in love with the concept of being able to pick up one of the bikes on the corner and go for a ride. After 40 trips, the yearly membership fee pays for itself in subway rides.
T-Minus: 31 days
Fundraising to go: $425
Total training miles ridden: 1326.54

Total books read since started: 29

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