Sunday, July 15, 2007

The little things in life...

A while back I got asked the all-important question, 'What does simplicity mean to you?' and I'm not sure I had an easy time answering. At any rate, my answer was probably something off the top of my head and probably about 43% nonsense. Today though, I had a little epiphany...I'd been noticing for months that my lo-flo showerhead was delivering only shooting water out on one side. Now this part can't be much more than $5 at ye olde big box hardware store, and while normally I'm reluctant to call my landlord for anything short of total drain blockage, (but it turns out, I had total drain blockage in the sink so, it would be 2 birds with one plumber if it needed to be)...but I thought maybe I'll just check this out and see what I can see. And what do you know? A twist of the wrench and out fall metal flakes (crappy old pipes, another story, another time) and the old showerhead is as good as new. And with that one little accomplishment, my whole weekend was made. Seriously. It's just that simple.

It's stopping. It's taking a moment. It's looking at the situation from a different angle. It's thinking how could I fix/improve/edit this without resorting to the initial knee-jerk reaction? And that my dear friends is what simplicity means to me.

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