Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gasoline Guilt Week: Day 3, Book Review "How To Live Well Without Owning A Car"

A quick review of this great little guide to how to get around in our crazy overbooked lives without owning an automobile. This one's not just for those who want to go cold turkey without wheels, but for anyone who wants to drive less. It doesn't hurt that author Chris Balish is a cutie-pie news reporter from St. Louis who shares his own stories about giving up his own gas-guzzling SUV in favor of taking mass transit and riding a bike. If only everyone on the LA metro system looked like that. :)


Rob said...

Couldn't you just move somewhere with a good mass transit system? Like New York? I don't own a car and don't intend to.

CBD Simplist said...

It's not about having to move somewhere else, it's about adapting your current lifestyle to best utilize what is available. Plus, I'm sure NY doesn't want 8 million Angelenos to immigrate.