Monday, January 08, 2007

Smart Cars, NA Auto Show and the Return of the Electric Car

I didn't consider myself a car geek but I think I may be inching toward that label real soon. Lots of quiet excitement in the auto industry this week with the North American Auto Show taking place in Detroit later this week. An article in the LA Times yesterday (Return Trip for Electric Vehicles LA Times 7 January, 2007) also talked about how auto makers are actively pursuing the battery/plug-in electric version of hybrid cars as the next big revolution in eco-auto fashion. 2010 is still a long ways off, but with any luck it'll get to California ahead of schedule.

Also got my first glimpse of a Smart Car on the road this morning (that's it to the right). It's almost literally a two-seater... While ZAP stands for Zero Air Pollution, mpg is about 40 (ho-hum) and U.S. limited release price is around $25,000. Personally, I think what's the point when I paid less than that for my hybrid, my gas mileage is better and I've got the trunk space to spare?

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