Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Simplicity and the Holidays

Just got back from a whirlwind tour of the country, 1 month, 7,665 miles in the 'brid and good times had by all. Trying to start my New Year's Resolution (a few days late) and try to remember to blog every day. Thought I'd catch up first with some of the highlights from the trip.

Got everyone gift certificates for Christmas, and didn't want to do the boring old envelope thing, so I tried to think of entertaining ways to wrap them so that the gift giving process would last a bit longer than 15 seconds. Aunt P got a series of gift bags placed within each other, sort of a Russian Nesting doll of gift bags. Think I was able to get about 15 or so bags within each other. Dad (below) got his wrapped in scraps of holiday paper (recycled from my stint of wrapping presents for Haddassah at the Columbus Circle Borders Books), that ended up like the magician's scarf of paper. But the piece de resistance, had to be mom's which was the GC envelope placed in a box, place in another box, placed in a 3rd box, placed in a 4th box, placed in a 5th box, placed in a 6th box, placed in a 7th box...and each box was entirely covered with those charity address labels that they send my grandmother for making a donation. In progress: and the finished product: Crafty and recycled!

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