Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pinterest Roundup

 I’ve been a Pinterest junkie since the early days—its ability to let users organize what they like sends my anal retentiveness into fits of joy. I’m always looking for new design inspiration and a scroll through a few boards will always net me some great ideas. It’s like flipping through 1,000 magazines without the advertisements and the noxious perfume samples. A favorite now is to discover cool and creative products that are not only genius in their simplicity, but contribute to energy savings (both personal and electrical!). Here’s my top 5 from recent posts:

1. The sewing machine with built in ink that tints white thread to match the color you need! No more running out of the color you want, or having a stash of 4,000 spools you’ll never use again.
2. Two “no-drip” dispensers that make cooking clean and easy. There’s the syrup/honey dispenser for $15.99 ( and the pancake batter dispenser for $15.95 (

3. The pizza scissor spatula $11.99 ( Sure you have 2 products that do the same thing, but I’m thinking this single product does it better.

4. Belkin has a bunch of great energy saving products ( including this $9.99 socket that automatically shuts off when your device is charged.

5. Another energy saver: The Live Socket (looks like it’s only a foreign prototype right now: but this seems like an idea that is so quick and easy to use that hopefully it becomes a reality.

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