Sunday, January 30, 2011

DO 1 THING FOR THE PLANET, TODAY...(now 110 quick tips)

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1. Reposition sprinkler heads (and/or potted plants) to increase efficiency.
2. Choose refillable ink and toner cartridges
3. Think twice before deciding to replace an (still functional) cell phone.
4. Switch to rechargeable batteries for all your alkaline needs.
5. Learn to love spiders and bees, two of Mother Nature’s hardest working and most beneficial creatures.
6. Say no to traditional dry cleaning chemicals (perchloroethylene), use eco-friendly dry cleaners or hand wash instead.
7. Save the “paper shuffle”: Switch to online billing and paperless bills.
8. Remember variety is the spice of life, try local heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables.
9. Use up everything “to the last drop” before buying more.
10. Increase your fuel efficiency by removing unnecessary items and weight from your trunk.
11. Say ‘no’ to plastic today.
12. Eat vegetarian instead today.
13. Use a bucket to collect your shower water to flush the toilet.
14. Take the bus to work or errands today.
15. Switch to cloth napkins instead of paper.
16. Eat something organic today.
17. Donate old books gathering dust to a library, school or Good Will.
18. Say ‘no’ to chemicals today.
19. Donate to a local charity today.
21. Rake instead of leaf-blowing or shovel instead of snow-blowing.
22. Plant a tree today.
23. Walk to do your errands today.
24. Choose sustainable fabrics instead today.
25. Call and opt out of catalogues you don’t want.
26. Call and have your address removed from database of junk mail circulars.
27. Take your name off the yellow pages delivery.
28. Switch your print settings to use less toner and ink.
29. Properly recycle old batteries.
30. Skip the clothes dryer and hang clothes outdoors in the sun or indoors on hangers on your door frames.
31. Pick up trash in your neighborhood.
32. Use the back side of scrap paper in your printer.
33. Skip the carwash for the month.
34. If you have to buy, buy for durability.
35. Plug your electronics into a power strip that you can shut off before you go to bed each night.
36. Read an environmentally themed book instead of watching a TV show.
37. Sweep instead of vacuuming.
38. Set your print settings to print 2 or 4 pages to a single page.
39. Reuse glass jars for food storage instead of buying plastic baggies or containers.
40. Visit for ideas on recycling items you might not have considered.
41. Investigate investing in socially responsible investments.
42. Consider buying used instead of new.
43. Stick a few reusable shopping bags in your trunk or purse so you won’t forget them next time you need them.
44. Bring a set of silverware and flatware to the office to replace single use plastic versions.
45. Create rags from old t-shirts to use instead of paper towels.
46. Visit the Salvation Army instead of the mall.
47. Find the people who nurture your spirit and support your dreams.
48. Gift a gift of time or service instead of a material possession.
49. Take a hike outdoors instead of being cooped up at the gym for a few hours.
50. Find the beauty in your public surroundings.
51. Opt for the natural fiber rather than ones made with petrochemicals.
52. Skip a shower for the day; a day of dirty won’t offend too much.
53. Switch any remaining incandescent light bulbs to CFLs.
54. Borrow a tool from a friend or neighbor rather than purchasing a new one.
55. Print your documents double-sided.
56. Run a load of laundry without using soap. Chances are if you’re washing at the Laundromat, there is plenty of soap already in the machine from the previous wash.
57. Donate old working electronics to those who may need them.
58. Say ‘no’ to genetically modified ingredients.
59. Too cold? Add a layer of clothing before turning on the heat.
60. Too hot? Remove a layer of clothing before turning on the AC!
61. Leave the computer and cell phone off and go have a conversation, in person, with an old friend!
62. Keep your immune system healthy by taking acidophilus.
63. Reuse plastic silverware at least twice before throwing away.
64. Think twice about whether you actually need to print something out.
65. Take a stand for something you truly believe in.
66. Don’t allow yourself to buy something just to solve a problem.
67. Adopt a local area or stretch or road and take care of it.
68. Donate old eyeglasses to Lion’s Clubs.
69. Think of mindfulness with all your decisions today.
70. Carry ‘waiting to warm up’ buckets of shower water to water your plants.
71. Skip the soda for today and have water instead.
72. Ask yourself, ‘do I really need this’?
73. Read by candlelight tonight instead of watching TV.
74. Unplug the hairdryer for the day.
75. If you’re not composting on your own yet, give your organic waste (fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, egg shells) to someone who is.
76. Buy in bulk.
77. Fix leaky faucets and toilets sooner rather than later.
78. Skip the chips and have a piece of organic fruit instead.
79. Bring your reusable mug to work (or Starbucks!) for your coffee or tea.
80. Leave everything a little neater than you found it.
81. Choose the version of a product packaged in glass over the one packaged in plastic.
82. Do something for someone, “just because.”
83. Choose organically grown flowers.
84. Gather all your hazardous waste products for proper disposal.
85. Opt out of deodorant for a day, even a little sweating helps rid the body of toxins.
86. Freecycle things you don’t use or need any longer to give them a second chance to those who may need them.
87. Read up on an issue that is near and dear to your heart. Make a decision to actively do something about it today.
88. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
89. Look for a little stress relief today.
90. Say ‘no’ to greed today.
91. Offset your yearly travel at or
92. Maximize the daylight. Open the shades on a sunny day and leave the lights off.
93. Support handmade artisans!
94. Take a closer look at the ingredients of what you’re eating today.
95. Listen with an open mind today.
96. Before buying something you don’t really need, take 24 hours and sleep on it.
97. Before you pop a pain reliever, try a glass of water, a quick walk or a bit of acupressure.
98. Buy refillable products such as razor blades and cleaners.
99. Patronize local businesses to keep money in your community.
100. Skip the make up, perfume or cologne today, give your senses a chance to recharge.
101. Think twice about buying new jewelry and instead consider heirloom pieces.
102. Resist the urge to procrastinate!
103. Introduce a few houseplants into your home to help freshen and clean the air.
104. Call your credit card company and ask to be removed from their marketing list.
105. Say ‘no’ to water in plastic bottles. Always carry your own refillable glass or aluminum bottle with you.
106. Try a holiday free of ‘store bought’ presents.
107. Choose fair trade chocolate.
108. Say ‘no’ to free samples, boredom purchases and souvenirs today.
109. Clean out your closets and donate old clothes, shoes and accessories.
110. Forgive and forget.

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