Sunday, April 06, 2008

12 Resolutions March Wrap/ April intro

Well March has come and gone in a blur… I guess I’m lucky my life is reasonably simplified or else I would be drowning in a mess of chores, projects and deadlines. Oh, wait. Even with a simplified life, spring has ambushed me with too much to do, and not nearly enough time to do it. My March goal of avoiding Chinese products was slightly successful, in that I bought next to nothing for the entire month (one perk of working 70 hours a week, too tired to shop). Hopefully it will continue to make me conscious of what I buy, when I do need to buy.

My April goal is also pretty ambitious… I wanted to try to reduce my packaging footprint—ambitious because everything we buy is packaged. Shrink wrapping, paperboard boxes, impossible to cut open plastic containers. All one-time use, all destined for the garbage bin once we’ve ripped open the product. I know that glass is heavier than plastic and therefore a product in a glass container needs more energy to transport than the same product in plastic, but the recycling opportunities for glass are so much greater than plastic. That glass jar also is a lot safer to reuse for leftovers and storage. I’m pretty good about making sure all my plastic packaging makes it into the recycling bin, but how much of it actually eventually gets recycled? My goal this month is: "glass and paper-okay, plastic-no way".

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