Monday, November 27, 2006

Who wants Electric Vehicles? We do!

Maybe it was the death of David Hermance, known as the "American Father of the Prius" today. Or maybe it was the fact that I finally used one of those "How's My Driving" phone numbers to comment on a driver. Or maybe I'm still pissed off after watching Who Killed the Electric Car? last week. . . but this morning I finally decided to put my mouse where my mouth is. Using the delightful site "The Petition Site" I set up a petition for those who are interested in bringing back the electric car. I set the bar high, thinking 20,000 signatures wouldn't be overly optimistic... but would send the message that interest in Check it out, send the link to your friends, help get the ball rolling!

Click here to sign!

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chalacuna said...

Electric vehicles has been around for several years now. I think it must have come first than the hybrid cars.

The first electric vehicles were direct conversion from cars fitted with electric motors and a dozen of batteries. That was the first appearance of EV's that eventually lost popularity coz of crude design and the inconvenience of long charging hours.

But with the introduction of fuel cells EV's got a new life and has a promising future to become the main choice in urban transport.

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