Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Simplicity & "What's that Smell?"

I had begun to take for granted the LA smoking ban, until of course 2 days ago when a new neighbor moved in below me. During that 48 hours, I thinking he's consumed a carton of cigarettes and each one of them has wafted up to my apartment and now resides in all of my belongings. Interesting that in that short time, the clean and fresh smell of my apartment (that I also took for granted) has been obliterated. I went from loving my apartment and tolerating my other crazy neighbors to hating my apartment and looking for boxes to pack and move out this weekend. Just a learning experience of how important clean air is and how easily and quickly it moves from one space to another. Also one of my favorite scary stats: if you can smell it, you're ingesting particles of it. Grab your painter's masks kids, it's gonna be a long weekend.

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Randy G said...

Check with your non-smoking neighbors to see whether they've noticed any difference, and then landlord-tenant regulations. It could very well be in Southern California in 2006 that smoke making its way into your apartment may be considered a detriment to habitability, like noise and deferred necessary maintenance. The landlord may be required by law to provide some mitigation, especially if others are experiencing the same problem, and one that didn't exist before.