Thursday, April 27, 2006

Inaugural: "I am Loving..." / "I am Hating..." of the Day

An easy way to post for the day: what I'm currently loving and hating at this hour. (and their tentative link to my simplicity practice).

I am loving... comment cards and customer service numbers. It's a cathartic outlet (and possibly a fool's errand) but there's just something about expressing my opinion that gets me going. Over the past week I've called the smoking ban hotline for a violation (Union Cattle Ranch in Hermosa Beach, bad! bad!), written my two cents on a card at the Getty Center, and getting together my thoughts to rate the 4 Motel 6 chains I stayed in over the long weekend. I think of it as a training exercise to build up to larger issues and my eventual crazy old lady letter writing campaign about whatever sticks in my craw.

I am hating...In and Out Burgers from sub-par branches. Why you gotta sully the reputation of the greatest hamburger chain in the land?!


Brian said...

Be sure to let us know if you get any free stuff out of this campaign. We've all heard the rumors that just taking the time to write a formal letter to these places gets the marketing staff in such a tizzy that they'll just throw free stuff at the writers. Are the rumors true?

CBD Simplist said...

I once called a company that discontinued a toothbrush I really liked, and they sent me 2 free replacements! I then tried to get friends to call up and do a similar call to see if they could get more free (thus extending my use of said toothbrush) but no one took me up on it.